Is it easy to count cards in an online blackjack game?

Card counting is an age-old strategy that gamblers used to win traditional blackjack games. With time, however, casinos started understanding that the strategy improves the odds of winning for the players and hence started denying entry to players who they suspected counted cards. With online casinos like za4online-casino , however, the rules are more flexible. There are no restrictions to count cards if you know how to do it.

What exactly is card counting?

Card counting is not a strategy that will help you always win. You will have to keep that in mind before you think of counting cards in online casinos like Card counting is a strategy you can practice to guess whether the next card thrown on the table will or will not be to your advantage. These are the basic steps of counting cards.

  • Assign +1 to cards dealt with values between 2 and 6
  • Assign -1 for cards with values between 10 and ace
  • Assign 0 to cards 7,8, and 9
  • As cards are dealt, keep up with your tally

For instance, say the first card dealt is 10. You start the tally with -1. The next card thrown is queen. The tally now is -2. The third card is 4. You add 1 to the tally. Keep doing this for each hand dealt. As the tally increases positively, it means the game will be favorable to the player and bets can be increased.

Why can't you count cards in a virtual online blackjack game?

There are two types of online blackjack games and one of the most popular ones is the virtual online game. Here, the game is conducted by a software using a card dealing machine. The main logic behind card counting is the belief that the dealer does not shuffle decks frequently. He shuffles only after several rounds, which makes card counting more precise.

To prevent online blackjack players from card counting, most of these card dealing machines shuffle cards after every round. This means that even if you count cards and start keeping a tally, once the cards are shuffled after the first round, your efforts go waste. You cannot guess anything about the next card and its value because the decks are totally mixed up.

Counting cards in a live online blackjack game

The second type of online blackjack game is the live one. In this model, an actual dealer deals with the cards in a casino or other location and you watch the game progress and participate in it virtually from a remote location. Even though the game is played online, the dealer is real and he acts like how he would in a traditional game.

You can definitely try card counting in these live games. In fact, many players prefer these live sessions just because it gives them the freedom to count cards. In the beginning, start by understanding how the dealer handles the cards. Find out when shuffling happens and if it is worth counting cards. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you count cards online.

  • Start your betting small
  • Practice counting cards in the first several rounds
  • Be ready to play hundreds of rounds before you start winning


Tricks to count cards

There are many strategies followed when it comes to card counting. If you are a beginner, you can start with the basic strategy that is mentioned above. This is called the Hi-Lo strategy and this works if you plan right. The hi-lo strategy has a major challenge. If you play games that are conducted quickly, you will not have time to count all the cards on the table.

For that reason, practice is considered the key. Try finding free online blackjack games that do not depend on a machine counter and keep practicing with it. The more you play, the faster can you count. You can also use a simple calculator or a card counting device to keep a tally when you play the hi-lo strategy. Other common card counting types are:

  • Wrong halves
  • Omega II
  • Back counting
  • Group playing

Things to keep in mind before you win money with card counting

Start thinking of card counting only when you can find online live games. Do not start by betting large initially. As you play the game, you will understand how it progresses and then you can start betting big. Check the rules of the game beforehand. Some gaming rules maybe so twisted that irrespective of how well you play, you may not be at an advantage.

Patience is the key when it comes to card counting. Start counting cards only when you have enough time to play hundreds of rounds. Experts mention that for card counting to work, you have to play 50-400 rounds. Do remember that this is not foolproof. You will also have to depend on your other gaming skills and use them also to be able to improve your winning odds.